Orton Cumbria

Flowers near Orton

The verges of Orton parish have around 200 different wild flowers growing on them. This makes them some of the best flower-rich verges in Cumbria, if not the country. There are a variety of soil types within the parish and these are reflected in the verges. They range from acid bog to thin soil on top of limestone. Each soil type has it's own flowers as well as different soil types. The verges are wide and have not been regularly cut, only grazed by cattle and sheep as they pass from one pasture to another. See Wayside Flowers of Orton and Orchids of Orton.

orton flowers - primrose orton flowers - cowslip orton flowers - daisy
orton flowers - pignut orton flowers - wood cranesbill orton flowers - germander speedwell
orton flowers - common hempnettle orton flowers - creeping cinquefoil orton flowers - selfheal